S. Modus - architectural company, has been doing wonders in the Azerbaijani market since 1998 and effectuating its activities in the field of architectural projection, design and construction. In concurrence with this, the first string of our team has been jointly involved in the company since the early 90s.

Our company carries out developmental studies for construction, provides engineering of multi-storey apartment buildings and living complexes, public, commercial and industrial buildings, individual mansions and facilities of sport and tourism infrastructure. We carry out projects of reconstruction and redevelopment of premises to the extent of residential and non-residential buildings at any level of complexity and along with that one of the areas of our activity is a landscape design and interior design thereof. Our company carries out its activities on the territory of Azerbaijan and beyond this country.

In the path of improvement, we are reserved the best project of ours is yet to come forth. Our team brings together professionals with extensive experience, posing with sweeping imagination and the ply of the mind. Any multi-layered project - is an incentive to improve the quality skills of our staff and the company's development. We value our reputation of the company, for which there stands no impossible projects.

The brand of the company brand is entitled as S. Modus which is a symbolic tribute to the talented architect of Azerbaijan Sanan Sultanov, who unexpectedly passed away in 1997, with whom I was inextricably bound by ties of close friendship and joint work.

Famil Agayev, General Director of the S. Modus company

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